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Wally Planters

Get ready to create a vertical garden on just about any wall, rail or fence – indoors or out!

  • DIY and durable enough for professional use, Wally planters create an instant lush living wall. Attach your system then fill the Pockets with soil and full-sized plants.
  • Like building blocks, Wally planters are totally modular. Just line them up and overlap their grommets (22” H X 13” V).
  • Each pocket holds 0.4 cubic feet of soil. Installed weight will vary depending on soil type and weight of plants. In general, each planted Pocket will weigh about 20lbs. after watering.


For more details, see our installation instructions.
Wally planters come with hardware:

  • Screws – self-drilling in metal and wood
  • Anchors – weighted for 50 lbs. each
  • Zip Ties

Install vertical posts (wood or metal) centered 22” apart. Anchor firmly and cross-brace if needed, then just attach Pockets with screws. Saddlebag Style? Pockets can straddle a railing, fence cap or wall. Just tie them together at the grommet points, throw them over and pull them tight.

Drip Irrigation Details

For more specifics, see our watering and irrigation details.

  • Drip kit illustrationThe supply line can feed a maximum of 10 Wally Fives or the equivalent combination of Wally Ones and Wally Threes.
  • You can connect a maximum of two Wally Fives horizontally or the equivalent combination of Wally Ones and Wally Threes.
  • Tuck the drip line behind the Wally planter’s tongue at soil level.
  • When installing Pockets horizontally, overlap them so that every two pockets share one wall anchor.

The image shown consists of 10 Wally Fives, 10 Wally Five drip kits, one supply line kit, and one automatic timer.

Living Wall Planter

Create living walls of almost any size, indoors and out.

  • Our Living Wall Planters are totally modular.
  • Calculate how many wall planters you’ll need by dividing the width of your wall area by 18” and height by 13”. Use our box as a horizontal template to help you mark holes. Example: Four planters cover a 36” W X 26” H wall area.
  • Living Wall Planter dimensions are 13” H x 18” W x 8” D.
  • Each planter holds 0.50 cubic ft. of soil volume with a maximum weight of 50lbs.
  • The planter hooks to the back of the water tank for easy plant exchange.


For more details, see our installation instructions.
Planters come with hardware:

  • self-tapping #8 screw
  • poly-ribbed insert

Install vertical posts centered 13” apart. Anchor firmly and cross-brace if needed, then just attach planters with screws.

Drip Irrigation Details

For more details, read about watering and irrigation for the Living Wall Planter.
For large living wall installations, we recommend using automatic drip irrigation.

  • 1/4” emitter lines fit inside the watering tank, emitting water evenly down to roots and the reservoir.
  • Supply lines hide neatly in the irrigation supply channel located on the left and right sides of every wall planter.