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Seasonal Planting

Good for Year­-Round Planting

Even the most gifted gardeners are subject to climate and environmental limitations when it comes to cultivating a thriving garden bed. Plant’s require certain conditions to flourish. That’s why we have created a seasonal planting guide to inspire you to plant in any season, anywhere! As always, we recommend seeking out your local nursery for more specific instructions.


  • Enjoy: strawberries, radishes, salad greens, spring onions, dwarf nasturtiums, daffodils, tulips, iris, daylilies
  • Garden Themes: Annual & Perennial spring flowers: helleborus, bergenia, pink jasmine
  • Plant: garden mum (to enjoy in the fall); ranunculus, dahlia, coneflowers (plant after last spring frost to enjoy early summer)


  • Enjoy: daisies, lavender, mixed containers from nursery, Begonias, aster
  • Themes: Salsa Garden: jalapeno, garlic, tomato
  • Plant: Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Cabbage, Kale, Rutabaga (plant all of these in late July or August for fall harvest)


  • Enjoy: dwarf shrubs, fall blooming grasses such as turf grass, pansies, chrysanthemums.
  • Themes: Homecoming- multicolored garden mums
  • Plant: lettuce, spinach and other greens with shorter maturity time frames, early in the fall season. Peonies can be planted or transplanted, bulbs (to enjoy in the spring)


  • Enjoy: ilex, mahonias, grasses, dwarf cornus, most herbs, weeping jasmine
  • Garden Themes:
    • Holiday Plants: poinsettias & evergreens
    • Silver and Gold: glaucus & gold/rust foliage