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Woolly Pocket UK - how to


Installation for Living Wall Planters and Wally

Before beginning, place a tarp or covering below your hang site to avoid messes!

Living Wall Installation Directions

1-2-3 installation
Easy to install

Hardware is included. Easy fasteners work on masonry, dry-wall, sheetrock, wood, and metal walls.

Wally Installation Directions

Wally Vertical Garden Planter installation1. Hang Planter – Measure the dimensions of the wall where your planter will be. The Wally planter’s grommets are spaced 22″ apart, so measure and mark the spacing based on how many Wally planters you plan to hang. Drill holes and fasten in to attach planter.
NOTE: If you are hanging multiple Wally planters: Overlap the grommets horizontally, like building blocks. Space them 13” apart vertically. This will hide the grommets and ensure plants will have enough space to thrive while still ensuring a lush living wall!

2. Soil and water – If installing automatic drip irrigation, install behind the Wally planter’s Tongue and test entire system before adding soil. Fill planter to the fill line with high-quality soil. Once the soil has been added, adjust drip lines so that they are above or at the soil line.

3. Plant  – Soak the rootball in a bucket of room temperature water. Plant the rootball against the Wally planter’s Tongue.
NOTE: If you are hanging multiple Wally planters: Start planting at the top so falling dirt doesn’t get stuck in the plants below.) Finish by adding enough soil so that the rootballs are covered and the soil comes up to no more than ½” from the front of the Pocket.

4. Water Planter’s Tongue – Water the Wally planter’s tongue with 2 cups of water per Pocket. TIP: The easiest way to water the Wally planter is with a graduated 1 – 3 gallon pump sprayer with a long spray wand. If the breathable front becomes damp or drips, water more carefully with a little less water the next time. Remember to only water the tongue, not the plant itself, to avoid getting your wall wet.

5. Self-watering – Pour one liter of water through the watering hole into the self-watering tank. This will water plant roots, fill the reservoir and keep plants watered for up to two weeks. Breathable vents will aerate the soil and release excess moisture from heavy rainfall or excessive watering.
NOTE: Watering frequency depends on climate, proximity to sunlight and type of plants.